Blogging about the mother-in-law

The interesting challenge of all challenges, blogging and writing on the ever sensitive topic - The Mother-in-Law! It is supposed to be an avenue of venting frustration, real or unreal.  It is about sharing of colourful, rich experience.  It is about getting published.  However, it is like skating on thin ice.  There are many people's emotion and feelings involved.  It is indeed a very sensitive topic, because it involves the mother of your husband!

Yes, blogging about the mother-in-law is indeed not easy.  As it is a sensitive topic....we move forward with careful steps.  However, we want to reach out to you, dearest daughters-in-law.  We want to share with you our experience of life with our in-laws, many incidents like the cats and dogs' world, where fights are inevitable, at times.

We have been blessed with great people whom have contributed many ideas, stories and experiences.  Check out more contributions from the daughter-in-laws who were kind enough to pen down their experiences and share with you readers.

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