Things we would love to say to our in-laws

Oh sister-in-law, please.... stop interfering !!! if you want your brother to have a better life.
Don't they know that if they push me too hard, their dear brother is going to suffer because I would definitely start an argument or quarrel with him. I would have to let go my frustration somewhere, right.
I tell myself I am the new found love of your beloved son, try competing with me and you would end up very sorry and in tears.  
You better be nice to me because I will be the one deciding where you are going to stay in your old age.
Your son was not the only sole payer of the assets which your son and I own.  Hear it loud and clear, my beloved in-law.  Yes, it is our assets... Your son and mine!  Your son did not solely pay for the house or the car. I co paid for it too. I am half the owner. I can decide who is going to stay in my house or use my car. So, stop bugging in and placing your ass where it doesnt belong.  Be thankful that I treat you with respect when you visit my house or sit in my car!!

Our wedding pledge goes along this line...... "I, XYZ would like to take you, XXX, to marry, love and cherish, in health or in sickness, to live together as husband and wife, forsaking all others to be faithful to you as long as we shall both live."

Mother-in-law, nothing in my pledge mentioned you!  So, my husband and I would love to build our very own family, under our very own roof, our very own home.  Please do not interfere where your pokey nose is not welcomed.  We have our own kids, please return to yours and tend to your own lifes.

Geez, beloved mother-in-law, all you need to do is just simply do not interfere with our lives and take care of your own life and give us no trouble.  Simple request but one that is very difficult for any mother-in-law to accomplish.

Yeah, sometimes above seems to be the very words we wanna tell our mother-in-law right!  Geez, it hurts but it is true!!

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