Thank you

Thank you for sharing with us.  We would like to unload your in-laws sorrow, errrrr..... story.

We would like to work with you to make this a hub of entertainment where daughters-in-law, mothers-in-law and all other in-laws could just gather to have a great time with the amusing stories and tales that happen, sometimes to people we know, sometimes to us.

Regardless, we are still related, not by blood but by marriage.  Let's make it a great partnership of love or not, at least try to be amused with all the entertaining stories that would be shared.

For those who have contributed, thank you for your contribution.

To all in-laws, we wish you sanity and happiness always!

Till we next amuse each other, be great (gratitude, respect, empathy , appreciation and sprinkle the relationship with a bit of tolerance).

Jen Tyrese, Melanie Young & Tina Lee

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