Friday, September 14, 2012

The Mother-in-Law Books

I was surfing through Mother in Law’s book and was so amazed when I visited Amazon and noticed that one of the oldest book on Mother-in-Law was from the 1920s…

It seems like a self explanatory book as there are many books titled just “Mother-in-Law” or “Mothers-in-Law”.  There are many guide books on how to get along with your in-laws, how to be the great mother-in-law,  how to relate love and reconciliate with your mother-in-law and of course, how to establish great relationship with your daughter-in-law/mother-in-law and there are also books on how to murder your mother-in-law.  One of the books that stood out among the many mother-in-law books and stories was “I married my mother-in-law”.  Yeah, pretty gross and disgusting, isn’t it.  But, I guess that paid the rent and more for the author as it appeared in the first few pages of books when I searched for “mother-in-law” books.

Many of the authors took the approach of relieving their stress by channelling their feelings into the book and    making money out of the problems many married people faced.  Many took the humorous and extreme measures to put the stories and message across.  Don’t mess with the “Mafia” of the house or you would get “killed”.  Who is the “mafia”?  It all depends on which side of the camp you are from.

There is no concrete figure taken, but based on our gut feels, about 70% or more people who are married cannot stand their mother-in-law.  These issues are surpressed when the mothers-in-law do not live in with the young couple.  Are mothers-in-law so horrible or are these just traditional tag to the position held. 

Well, when  a mother become a mother-in-law, the focus and attention shift from thinking and doing everything for the sons/daughters to looking for faults of the son-in-law/daughter-in-law who now is a big part of their children’s life.

Life as a mother-in-law may not be as rosy as many thinks, but the role of a daughter-in-law is far less better.  Most times, the mother in law and daughter in law do not get along well due to the natural territorial animal instinct in both.  It is an animal’s world of war when you have both species in one territory or is it not true.  Well, find out more on how you as the daughter in law or son in law can manage the mother in law you reluctantly must relate to..

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